Healthy foods that taste good do exist, here are 45 examples

What do you think is The most important question of all time? To be or not to be? How to achieve world peace? If an elephant and a hippo start a fight, who will win? No, no and no. A question that has dominated the minds of humans ever since we became somewhat self-aware is “What can I eat that will help me lose weight, be healthy, and won’t taste like cardboard. at the same time?” And we’re not just talking about healthy snacks, but all kinds of meals.

First, remove the word “diet” from your vocabulary. What you need, what we all need, are healthy eating habits, not starving ourselves. This means eating healthy foods regularly, not just when you want to shed a few pounds. Healthy eating for weight loss is as important as exercise, and there’s no getting around it.

We tend to categorize food into “delicious but bad” and “healthy but tasteless” categories, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Cookbooks and online recipes offer a huge number of dishes rich in flavor and healthy ingredients, providing the best nutrition you can offer your body. But it’s also worth mentioning that not every healthy recipe you find online will be truly healthy, so you’ll definitely need to do your homework and learn a few basics before embarking on that journey of cooking healthy meals that are also delicious. . for your taste buds.

In this article, you will find some mouth-watering recipes that are also perfect for cultivating healthy eating habits. Try them all and let us know which ones are becoming regulars on your menu. And if you already have experience cooking healthy yet delicious foods, share your trusted recipes in the comments.

homemade bread

“Homemade bread is healthier and tastier than store-bought bread, due to added salt and sugars, among other things, but the difference in taste and texture is unreal”

whirlwind , tommyandone Reportage

A Mediterranean dish

jesswesthemp wrote: “As a Turk, yes! My mother prepares a very good salad with cucumber, tomatoes, chopped red onions, parsley, olive oil and lemon juice. I love using oil olives and virtually any vegetable.”

HAM_CULOTTES , prosto_juli Reportage


“It’s mostly water, low in calories and carbs, and it’s the most delicious, sweetest, ‘I can eat tons of it without feeling too bad.'”

two_insomnia , pink basil Reportage

Just about any vegetable if roasting or sautéing instead of just boiling flavor

bunnybookstore wrote: “I always argue that the only people who don’t like vegetables are those who can’t cook them.”

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homemade popcorn

Get some grains from the supermarket, put them in a pan or something, and pour some salt on them. Heck, also put in some chunk butter, so maybe it’s not quite considered healthy, but it’s still way better than microwave-packaged popcorn.

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Dehydrated banana chips

CantBake4Sht wrote, “Be careful when buying these in stores. Lots of brands add sugar.”

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tinyhorsesinmytea wrote: “I eat a smoothie with yogurt, peanut butter, almond milk, oats, chia seeds, banana, strawberry and pineapple just about all the days before work and I still haven’t had enough after more than two years.I don’t have a break from work and this thing keeps me going for my entire 8-9 hour shift. “

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Quinoa with garlic and parmesan.  I could eat this all day

Bucha11 wrote: “The quinoa is so good! It can replace rice in any dish. I like to put it in muffins with chia seeds. Sauté peppers and sausage onions and serve it on quinoa… Perfect!”

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